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In most situations a helicopter is used for high altitude camera shots or the heli is being used as a repeater for videolinks. We can offer the heli for a combination of the two.

We have the knowledge and the equipment for establishing broadcast videolinks from a helicopter or motorbike.

Videolink is cheaper than other suppliers because we focus mainly on the videolink itself. We do not have GPS and tally systems, and our communication lines are limited.

Here you will find a short clip of our helicopter (Dutch) :

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Technical information.

On the motorbike a transmitter will be placed with an antenna facing upwards. This signal is being received at the helicopter and fed to the videolink. At the receive site our technician manually points the directional antenna to the helicopter. With this system a range of 30 Kilometre is easily established. The receive site has to have a clear line of sight with the helicopter.

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