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Videolink Faq's


What is the range of a microwave videolink ?

It depends if there is a clear line of site; both antennas have to be able to 'see' each other without any obstructions in the path. If you have both antennas on a high building, a distance of 20 Km is possible. Our wireless camera transmitter has a range of proximately 5 kilometres.

Is a clear line of site necessary ?

If you have a point to point link a free line of site is necessary. If this is not the case, you can use a cherrypicker or we can install a repeater on a high building. The wireless camera can work without a clear line of site.

Do you have broadcast television transmitters ?

Yes we have a professional DVB-T transmitter for transmitting in the UHF television band. This 150 Watt DVB transmitter can carry 2 or 3 TV programms in a range of 5 Km. This system is often being used for outdoor events to feed distant LED screens where long cableruns are impossible. For example in a small village.

Can you handle HD SDI signals ?

Yes we have transmitters which accept HD or SD SDI, and the receiver delivers HD SDI. Eventually with embedded audio

Can you handle Y-U-V ?

Yes we have transmitters which accept Y-U-V, but please note that the receiver will give only SDI and composite, a converter will turn this into y-u-v.

Does you radiocam have shading and tally ?

We have systems for all LDK type cameras and HDC-1500, some ENG cameras are supported as well.

Does the videotransmitter have any latency ?

All our HD systems (Link Research or Gigawave) have 1 frame of latency.

What is the rental price?

Our Broadcast SD point to point link is € 750 p/day, the SD radiocam is € 700 and HD is 850. For additional days we give you a discount. Please call or mail.




Can you transmit live pictures from a driving car ?

Yes, with our digital diversity receiver good quality pictures are possible from a (fast) moving car. If we need more power we will place an amplifier in the car for extended range up to 8 Km's. The transmit antenna will be mounted via an magnetic stand on the rooftop.The 2 receive antenna's have to be placed at a high building. The transmitter is powered by the car via the cigarette connector, or external battery. You can drive thru a small town with fair picture quality.

Can we rent the equipment without technician ?

Yes that is possible, but you have to have basic skills in video technique. We only guarantee our microwave links if installed by our own technicians.

Can we buy microwavelinks instead of renting ?

Yes that is possible but keep in mind that the average SD digital microwave link is more than 30.000 euro and don't forget the accessories like spectrumanalyser, measurement equipment, licenses etc.

Do you rent satellite trucks ?

Yes indeed. We can arrange a complete satellite link for you, including uplink, downlink, camera, satellite capacity etc. Our Mercedes Vito SNG has editing facilities as well. We can establish satellite links from/to all over the world.

Does a microwave link goes 2 way's ?

All our standard videolinks go one way, from A to B. If you want to go from B to A as well we will provide you an extra audio- or videolink. For Bi-directional IP traffic see question below

Do you have internet microwavelinks ?

We can provide you with a 18 Ghz Datalink. This link connects 2 networks over the air. Simply plug in your LAN RJ-45 connector, and on the other side the same. Distance is limited to max 8 Km's

What about licenses ?

Videolink has all the necessarily licenses provided by the local authorities. All our equipment complies with the FCC norm. We use private frequencies specially assigned to videolinks, so there will be no interference from GSM, or mobile radio's.

What about insurances ?

The customer has to arrange proper insurance for the equipment rented from us. In case of loss we will charge you the new price.

I have more questions

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