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Videolink has 2 state-of-the-art HD satellite uplink trucks, build in a Mercedes Sprinter.The trucks are capable of playing back XD-CAM disks. Editing is done on Avid mediacomposer with SxS, XD-cam and P2 ingest.SNG-1 is fully HD redundant. The ADTEC EN80 HD/SD  encoder (MPEG4 and MPEG2), the ADTEC EN91 (HD/SD MPEG4), and the Tandberg E5740 SD encoders have all the options like 4:2:2, 8 Audiochannels, DVB-S2, performance upgrade, RASS, and BISS-E encryption.

Live playouts and live crosstalks are possible, and intercom with IFB is available including (wireless) in-ear piece.There is an SDI visionmixer for 3 camera switching. SNG-1 can transmit 2 paths simultaneously. We have license to transmit on Eutelsat (HOL306), Astra, Sirius. We can transmit to ENEX, EBU etc. We can arrange satellite capacity (fiber links to US or Asia) and portable downlink facilities. The 2x 400 Watts Xicom amplifiers provide enough power for almost any wheater condition. SNG-2 has a 200 Watts KU uplink and a Ka-sat uplink as well

Click here for our MultiMedia HD SNG (SNG-2)

We have a small live studio (one camera) in a town called 'Culemborg' located in the centre of The Netherlands, next to Utrecht. Your guest or reporter can talk with the world via our KU-uplink with IFB facilities. You can also do a playout to any satellite from our office in Culemborg,Travel time from Amsterdam to Culemborg is prox 45 mins. In our office you can use our edit facilities.

Our SNG has been live for: CNBC, CNN, BBC, SKY, ABC, EBU, NOS, RTL4 etc..

Looking for a Ka-Band system for your own truck ? We can help you with Ka-band systems from C-Com

Here are the products we can deliver.

For direct inqueries contact the operator directly on +316 53 757 029



Do you want to book our SNG truck with operator ? Please phone us at +31 345 510774 . Opening hours 06.00 GMT-22.00 GMT  We speak Dutch,German and English.

Please contact us before bringing us a visit.

Live feed possible from:

ICC The Hague

Peace-palace The Hague

Our studio next to Utrecht

Yugoslavia tribunal The Hague

All Football stadiums

European Commision Brussels

NAVO Headquarters Brussels

Interpol The Hague

Centre of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Antwerp, Brussels

etc etc...

Yugoslavia tribunal