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Videolink Wireless camera system

Our transmitters will fit on every professional ENG camera, but a Sony V-mount system will be the best to mount our transmitters. The input can be composite, y-u-v or (HD) SDI. The receiver has composite and a (HD) SDI output. Also a REF-in is provided for easy connecting to your visionmixer.

The audio is stereo balanced, XLR line level.

We provide 'standard' cameralinks and Low Delay links. The Low Delay links are from Link Research and Gigawave.We have the PDW-700 HD camera for rent as well.

We have adapters custom made for the Thomson cameras ( SD and HD), providing shading and tally. The shading is being done with the original Thomson OCP400.

The Radiocam system is accompanied by 2 or 4 receive antennas (diversity) batteries, charger, cables etc. The dayprice for our SD Low Delay systems starts at € 700.-. You can easily do the installation yourself.

For the live coverage of marathons or racing events we have a Link research ASI switch, making the ' impossible possible '. Ask our RF specialists what can be the benefits for you.

Our camera is for rent as well. We have the Sony DSR500 widescreen camera (SD) where our transmitters fit on perfectly, and the PDW-700 (HD). If you hire the transmitter we can provide the SD camera for just € 175.-. You can rent the system with, or without technician.

Foto: Sony PDW 700 camera, Link L1700 HD zender, OCP



All our radiocam systems are COFDM MPEG2 transmitters. With this system you can rely on absolute clear pictures even when the cameraman is running inside a building, without loosing the quality.

It is even possible to transmit through a wall, without a line of site.

De radiocam works on V-mount batteries with a running live of 1,5 hour.

The receiver is diversity, and we provide the receiver with 50 meters of coax cable to the antennas.

We have equipment of Tandberg, Link Research and Gigawave.