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Our latest HD Low delay radiocam is now for rent. It is a radiokit from Gigawave.It fits perfectly on a LDK8000, or Sony HDC1500 but it fits on every ENG camera as well. Tally and shading is provided. We also have available the Vislink L1700 system, including shading and tally.

Our SNG-2 truck is operational. This truck has 2 antennas: KU-band plus Ka-Band.

Videolink is official distributor for C-Com Ka-band systems.

The UK elections have been covered by the BBC by a.o. our SNG truck.

A live interview from a hot air balloon was done by us. Here you will find a short video.

Our mobile LDK200 camera system was used at the demo days of the army. Here is a short video clip.

In June there was a big convention of doctors and surgeons. A important operation was being done in the Amsterdam Medical Centre and the doctors were in a hotel in the city of Amsterdam. Videolink provided the broadcast videolink.

The Gaypride Canal Parade was live transmitted by AT5, using a boat with reporter. The boatpictures were live transmitted using our COFDM link. playmovie Play movie

European Rowing championships used our videolink for the videolink with a car and a boat..playmovie Play movie

We do a lot of live videolinks from boats, but last summer we made a broadcast connection between two floating boats, more than 4 kilometres apart playmovie play movie

Sometimes we do some experiments. We did some with a mini remote controlled helicopter.playmovie Playmovie


Our SNG truck is equiped with a second MPEG2 encoder, modulator and upconverter for dual path or redundancy.

The storm of last winter was a busy time for our satellite truck. Here is a picture of the team after the liver for sky news at the Dutch Northsea.

Live at sea