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Videolink Holland Point to point

Our Point-to-Point videolink is used for the video connection between two buildings or live locations. A clear line of sight is important, e.g the antennas must see each other. Most of the time the antennas are being placed at a high building, church, etc

If there is no clear line of sight we can place a repeater on a high building or mountain.

Our link consists of a transmitter, receiver, antennas, cables and tripods. The link is fully digital (SD or HD) and complies with the EBU broadcast standards. 2 audio channels are standard on the link, 2 extra audiochannels are optional available.

You can install the equipment yourself, or you can hire our technicians.The dayprice for a broadcast microwavelink is € 750.-

The maximum range is 20 - 25 Kilometres. If you need an extended range we can provide you with a satellite truck plus downlink dish. We provide the truck, the technicians and the satellite capacity. So the complete link from A to B, or to the other side of the world. Our satellite truck is fully equiped with editing possibilitys, intercom etc

Videolink satellite uplink truck.


Our portable point to point videolink is very popular due to its compact size. The equipment easily fits in the trunk of a car. And the setup time can be less than 15 minutes. The cable length from transmitter to antenna is max 200 Metre.

You can use our videolinks for live operations (hospitals), to cross rivers, live events from location etc.

Point-to-Point antenna, for links with a range of 20 Km.


Satellite downlink truck.